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Metallurgical Equipment Company
Metallurgical equipment company is mainly engaged in the design, manufacture, operation and sales of steel-making equipment, rolling equipment, mining machinery and other large-scale mechanical equipment. It has three parts: Metallurgical Equipment Research Institute, market unit and production and manufacturing unit. It can design and supply equipment according to customer requirements.
The company is equipped with 61 sets of main process equipment, including 46 sets of various machine tools and 15 sets of lifting and transportation equipment. It has 25 large and medium-sized CNC equipment, such as Germany Kebao company 5.5 × 18m CNC gantry mobile boring and milling machine, Czech Skoda company 260 CNC boring and milling machine, Φ 2.5m CNC horizontal lathe, Φ 2m CNC cylindrical grinder, CNC 4m vertical lathe, etc., with a maximum lifting capacity of 260 tons, with an annual production capacity of 20000 tons of mechanical processing spare parts and complete sets of mechanical equipment.
The company's leading products are mainly divided into four parts:
Steel making equipment: hot metal pretreatment equipment, molten steel refining equipment, slab continuous casting equipment, scrap treatment equipment, etc. The main equipment of 0.8-3.25m slab caster and 300 ton, 250 ton and 175 ton RH type refining furnace equipment have been manufactured for more than 60 iron and steel companies at home and abroad.
Rod and wire rolling mill plate: the rod and wire mill has complete set of equipment for full continuous rolling and semi continuous rolling, and the steel pipe rolling mill equipment includes hot-rolled steel pipe and welded pipe equipment, billet opening machine, section steel rolling mill equipment and straightener and other finishing and collection area equipment.
Plate and strip mill plate: process and equipment of cold rolling, hot rolling and strip treatment production line. There are six high and multi high rolling mills and auxiliary equipment for plate and strip mill. Strip processing equipment includes pickling line, galvanizing color coating line and rewinding line.
Shear equipment plate: 350t ~ 1300T cold shear equipment, flying shear and scrap hydraulic shear and other shear equipment.

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